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The light-independent reaction of photosynthesis is where the ultimate product, glucose, is made. Given its name, the reactions involved in this step do not require light, since the reactants used are taken from the products of the light-dependent reaction. The LIR occurs in the stroma of chloroplasts the space around thylakoid stacks which. LIGHT DEPENDENT REACTIONS In the thylakoid membrane ADPPhosphate à ATP Produce reduced NADP, ATP and waste oxygen Light energy provided by sun Light absorbed by chlorophyll pigment in chloroplasts Light energy excites electrons in the chlorophyll so they get boosted up to a higher energy level Electrons are accepted and pass along protein [].

How light energy is used to make ATP and NADPH. Photosystems I and II. Reaction center chlorophylls P700 and P680. A lesson for the AQA A level Biology syllabus on Light dependent reaction of photosynthesis. This is a lesson for the second lesson in Unit 5: Energy transfer in and between organisms. The majority of the lesson will be lecture style due to the difficu. Light-dependent reaction. Light energy results in the excitation of electrons in the chlorophyll. These electrons are passed along a series of electron acceptors in the thylakoid membranes, collectively known as the electron carrier system. Energy from excited electrons funds. Thus, the light reactions harness the light energy to drive the transport of electrons and the pumping of the proton, to convert the energy from the light into the biologically useful form ATP and produces a usable source of reducing the power NADPH. Also Read: Difference between Light and Dark Reaction. Key Points on Light Reaction. 8.2.3: Light-Dependent Reaction in the Thylakoid. The light dependent reaction requires light energy from the Sun which is composed of a range of wavelengths colours. During the process light energy is converted into chemical energy by forming the energy-carrying molecule ATP and and the hygrogen-carrying molecule NADPH.

How Light-Dependent Reactions Work. The overall function of light-dependent reactions, the first stage of photosynthesis, is to convert solar energy into chemical energy in the form of NADPH and ATP, which are used in light-independent reactions and fuel the assembly of sugar molecules. Protein complexes and pigment molecules work together to. LIGHT INDEPENDENT REACTIONS In the stroma Also called the Calvin Cycle ATP à ADPPhosphate RuBP combines with carbon dioxide from the air to form an unstable 6C compound The enzyme RUBISCO catalyses the break down of the unstable 6C compound into two molecules of a 3C compound GP NADPH is used to reduce []. Photosynthesis - Light dependent reaction - AQA A Level Biology - A2. STUDY. Flashcards. Learn. Write. Spell. Test. PLAY. Match. Gravity. Created by. lozza_d. Questions and answers. Terms in this set 14 What are photosynthetic pigments? Coloured substances in the chloroplast involved with light absorption. What are the three photosynthetic pigments? Chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, carotene. The results should indicate that the light-dependent reactions of photosynthesis are restricted to the chloroplasts that have been extracted. 2 Carbon dioxide will have no effect, because it is not involved in the light-dependent reactions. 3 Students should describe a procedure in which light intensity is varied but temperature is controlled.

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