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Southern Cur, Yellow Black Cur. Zuchtstandards: UKC. Liste der Haushunde; Der Black Mouth Cur ist eine nicht vom AKC oder der FCI anerkannte Hunderasse aus den USA. Die Rasse wird seit 1998 von UKC anerkannt. Herkunft und Geschichtliches. Der genaue Ursprung des Black Mouth Cur ist nicht geklärt. Die beiden hauptsächlichen Theorien zu seiner Herkunft behaupten eine Herkunft entweder. Der Black Mouth Cur ist eine nicht vom AKC oder der FCI anerkannte Hunderasse aus den USA. Die Rasse wird seit 1998 von UKC anerkannt. Der Black Mouth Cur ist ein mittelgroßer Hund vom Cur-Typ. Im Rassestandard des UKC wird ausdrücklich die Fähigkeit zur Arbeit als hauptsächliches Kriterium der Evaluation benannt.

Black Mouth Cur is a medium-sized hunting dog originating from the Southen States of the US. This dog breed is very loyal to its master and is multi-talented and can be trained as a watchdog, guard dog, hunting dog, herding dog, and a companion dog. Appearance This medium dog has a solid and deepContinue reading "Black Mouth Cur". Originating in South Eastern USA, the medium-size hunting and guard dog Black Mouth Cur is a breed of companion dogs that would do anything for its master. With their broad chest, square muzzle, low-hanging ears, the coat color of their same-litter siblings might appear in varied colors, born with big webbed feet like the Catahoulas. Generally, Black Mouth Curs are a strong breed, with an average lifespan of 16 years. Breeders are focused on making BMCs as healthy as possible so they can serve their purpose as working dogs. That’s not to say the Black Mouth Cur doesn’t suffer from its fair share of health conditions.

Some of the breeds from which the Black Mouth Cur may have been developed include the Southern Black Mouth Cur originating in Alabama, the Foundation Black Mouth Cur from Texas, and the Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Cur that came from Mississippi. There. The Southern Black Mouth Cur is believed to have originated in Alabama, though there are Southern Black Mouth Curs in Florida and Tennessee, as well. The Howard Line of Southern Black Mouth Curs were the first registered line of Black Mouth Curs, with a.

Black Mouth Cur Rescue Information: The Black Mouth Cur is a classic Southern hunting dog, great for hunting deer, boar, and coons. Black Mouth Curs are also good cattle dogs. Black Mouth Curs are eager to please and protective of children; they make great family pets. Black Mouth Curs are accustomed to killing medium sized game and should not. Southern Heritage Kennel. We breed and raise only Ladner Yellow Black Mouth Curs. All our dogs are NKC Registered. There is over 200 years of selectiv. try to raise hunting dogs that have one desire-to hunt the game and get treed. Our dogs are purebred original Ladner black mouth curs, registered with NKC and Black Mouth Cur Association. We hunt these dogs throughout the year. We hunt our dogs mostly for pleasure, but we also enjoy competition hunting. Our dogs continue to win in the squirrel.

What we do know is that the Black Mouth Cur was popular amongst early American settlers, especially in the south. What They Were Used For. The Black Mouth Cur is a versatile, all around working dog. They hunted, herded livestock, and guarded the homestead. And so it is no wonder that as settlers moved west, they took their dogs with them. Even though the exact origin of this dog breed is not completely clear, it is known that the Black Mouth Cur was first developed in the American South, in either Mississippi or Tennessee, and that it was a result of the cross-breeding between Asian and European dogs brought by the settlers and the pioneers in the lands from Texas to Florida.

Appearance and Personality of the Black Mouth Cur. The Black Mouth Cur is a large to medium-sized dog. Its most distinguishable features include its black muzzle therefore adopting the name Black Mouth Cur with a range of different short-haired coat colors, including – yellow, red, tan, brown, black. After spending sometime with Mr. Ladner, we picked out another pup and headed back to TN. On the way home, somehow we named the pup Tater. This is the dog that made me realize how good the Blackmouth breed really is. He will sit, stay, shake, speak, protect our home, and tree every coon and squirrel in the woods. What else could you ask for. There are a number of different Black Mouth Cur lines throughout the US. The Texas Black Mouth Cur, for example, is a cattle-herding line. Another line, the Southern Black Mouth Cur, purportedly originated in Alabama and is popular with ranchers looking for livestock guardians and hunters. In 2005, I bought my first Black Mouth Cur and in 2007, started Givens Blackmouth Cur. I started off with Howard/Ladner lined Black Mouth Curs, then out crossed with a Carnathan lined Black Mouth Cur. Some of my Black Mouth Curs have more percentage of one lineage then another. This is the reason for the two types of confirmations that I have.

The cost to buy a Black Mouth Cur varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity supply and demand, training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. Review how much Black Mouth Cur. Search our FREE Southern Blackmouth Cur breeders directory, the largest breeder directory in the United States and Canada, using your zip or postal code and find Southern Blackmouth Cur puppies for sale or stud service nearest you. Black Mouth Cur dogs are usually very healthy and are considered to be quite resistant to various health issues due to their massive diet and active routine. But there are a few health problems that most Black Mouth Cur dogs can face. These problems include eye. Walters Black Mouth Cur Kennels James T. Walters 20250-B 28th Street Long Beach, MS 39560 Phone 228 669-3149 Pager:228 214-1936 E-Mail address: Brindle231@ waltersblackmouthcurs.

A Black Mouth Cur mix just may be the perfect dog for you. Since curs have always been working dogs, many admirers are open-minded about pedigree, and are happy to share their lives with a mixed breed. Black Mouth Cur mixes are easy to identify if they retain the general body type and distinctive dark muzzle of the breed. Northern Blackmouth Curs - Breeders of top quality hunting and companion dogs. 22.04.2015 · How To Train your Dog NOT to PULL on the Leash! STOP CHASING or LUNGING at CARS on a Walk! - Duration: 13:15. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution 2,731,850 views.

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